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Creator Protection Services is your solutions to leaked content

Welcome to Creator Protection Services – where we understand the struggles and pain content creators face with leaked content and copyright infringement.

 Our goal is to support you by safeguarding your hard work, exclusive content, and digital rights, so you can concentrate on your passion, creating and earning the most from it.

As your trusted partner, we'll help you maintain control over your online presence and provide the peace of mind you deserve.


It's time to fight back, let's work together


Experiencing the negative impact of stolen media on your account can be disheartening. It's a known fact that unaddressed stolen content will continue to chip away at your sales and tarnish your reputation day by day. But worry no more – we are here to be the solution you need, helping you reclaim control and revive your online presence

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DMCA Takedown Service

Drafting and sending DMCA takedown notices and other content removal requests.

Digital Content Patrol

Proactive monitoring of online platforms for content creator rights violations.

Creator Legal Support

IP Dispute Resolution

Launching Soon


Phuket Thailand.

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